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My Story

My crucial wake-up call came after I found myself unexpectedly in the hospital for an illness that came out of nowhere. I was living a stressful life in New York City, working in Real Estate for one of the city's biggest firms. Real Estate was my second career after getting out of the cut-throat fashion industry; which was my dream to work in since I was eight years old. After my childhood dreams were squashed and in yet another industry that wasn't for me, I found myself depressed and getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.


Also, this was about the time I was making discoveries about the dark truths about this world and authentic life experiences gave me a penchant for truth, health, being financially empowered, and emotionally well.


I want to be the designer of my life and a rebel in this slave based system. Don't you?


With the countless hours of research and training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition on the topics of longevity, mindset, financial success, and living a life free from the systems that bind us.  I was fortunate to heal myself and pass this wealth of knowledge onto others. Having our bodies healthy and filled with vitality is what I believe, the foundation for success in all areas of our life. 


"At the time my illness happened, I considered myself healthy. I was eating organically, working out, taking my supplements, and I started to heal deep rooted trauma. "


Being a woman over 40, It's a calling to empower and encourage other women to become emotionally and financially free. If you're like how I was, you need to have the courage to dream again. I'm here to cheer you on and equip you with the tools to get you there.


When I'm not coaching my clients, I'm happily a wife & a mother to three beautiful children.

My joys are cooking nutritious food for my family, breaking a sweat, building our dream home, having a great laugh, planning our next trip, standing up for medical and ALL freedoms, and building my faith.


I Can't WAIT to connect with you!

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