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Skincare Simplified

Having great skin is a reflection of your health and what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on it.

On top of having a consistent supplement which can be read here I've added in a new collagen which I've been loving! I like that I can mix it in with my orange juice and down the hatch.

Another amazing switch I made was with my skincare. These last few months, I've been thoroughly enjoying Hugh & Grace.

Being a mom of three, I need my skin care to feel good, be super effective, and SIMPLE! That is exactly what this is. It's also super clean. Unless you've been living under a rock; it's widely known how toxic skin care products that are sold are causing cancer and everyday hormone imbalances.

Hugh & Grace prides itself on having hormone safe skin care infused with clean and beautiful skin loving ingredients.

Here is the three step process that will get you glowing from your head to your toes

Step One:

At first I cringed even thinking about using bar soap but this one is a game changer! One bar will last you months and it's also great to use on the body. It also replaces your skin mask. It's that purifying and not drying at all.

The Purifying Cleansing bar and the serums are a perfect travel hack too!

I'll never forget having to fork over my super expensive skincare at Heathrow in London because my bottles were over the limit. I still shed a tear over it.

Step Two:

I've been loving skin oils for awhile and this one covers it all. It's super hydrating and you only need a couple drops to really sink into the skin. It leaves your skin with a natural glow.

Not only does this feel beautiful on the skin, it's also beautiful to look at. Blue Tansy takes the spotlight here and blue tansy is great for dark circles so this replaces your eye crème too!

Step Three:

THIS. Throw away any lotion you put on your body and use this instead. Promise you will be obsessed. I can't tell you how smooth it will make your skin, it's truly a gem of a product.

This can also remove your makeup but I found it to be a tad bit heavy for my skin. On the body though, I don't think I could use anything else.

There you have it that's it. Three steps and done.

Ready to glow with Hugh & Grace?

Here's the link to get you glowing. You and your skin are going to love it.

You deserve it.

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